Slow living: How becoming a mother inspired me to simplify my life

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Nowadays life’s pace is kind of insane. From constant newsfeeds, social media interactions, to multitasking or doing everything with a phone on hand, it feels like we have to be on top of everything 24/7 or run the risk of feeling MIA. Being busy is addictive, at least for me, and being a blogger I can feed this addiction very easily. I always feel like I have to do more, to be more… until I became a mom.

From the habit of busy to slow living…

Work, work, work…

I can’t tell you the number of times I have said, ‘I’m busy, I don’t have time for…’ This sentence became my motto. I LOVE blogging and I’m very ambitious so I started filling up my days with never ending to do tasks. Nothing was good enough for me. I always wanted to improve my blog, get more partnerships, grow my social media, increase my traffic, etc. I kept working until the very last day of my pregnancy. The day my water broke in the morning, I spent my afternoon answering emails! Even though I reduced the amount of blog posts per month considerably, I would always find a way to add more tasks and create more work for myself.

Being busy has never been so sexy.

The fact is that I’m addicted to being busy. It makes me feel like I have a purpose in life. By being productive and building something I feel that I’m creating my own “success”. I’m getting rewarded by a society that values success with your level of activities in full display on social media. Being busy has never been so sexy.

The turning point: burn out

Once my son was born, I pushed hard to finish some of my assignments that I previously agree to. Honestly I thought I would have time to do both taking care of a newborn and running my blog like a pro. I thought, babies sleep a lot so during that time I should be able to “get stuff done”. Now, I know how delusional I was! But for the first 3 months I was just going nonstop from 5 am to 11pm, with scattered nights due to feeding sessions and baby’s crying. I reached a point where I was so tired that I would just get super emotional for anything.

I also was disappointed in myself because I couldn’t “do it all”: take care of the baby, run my blog, be active on social media, get back in shape, etc…
As a millennial mom, I felt that I should be able to do everything and look good while doing it!
By the time Christmas break arrived, I was totally burnt out. I was looking forward to having a 15 day break with family.

When the universe sends you signs

What should have been 15 days became 2 months! We visited our family in Toronto for the holidays and to renew our visa for India. But the latter took much more time than we expected and I was on “forced leave” since I didn’t take any of my equipment with me to work. Somehow it was a blessing in disguise!

Slowing down for 2 months not only helped me get my energy back, but also gave me time to re-center my thoughts and ask myself what do I want?
With the start of a new year came a flow of questions and uncertainties. I knew I couldn’t go back to my old rhythm, but I was divided between my call as a mother to take care of my baby and my need as a woman to pursue my professional goals.

By disconnecting with the world I was reconnecting with myself.

Every time I had to take some decisions in my life and re-center myself, I would take time thinking by disconnecting a bit with the world and working through my thoughts and feelings. I believe we all have a compass inside showing us the right direction, but we sometimes can’t find it because of all the noise we have in our life.

This is when God or the Universe sends you signs and I have to tell you, in 2 months I received plenty of them. First some books got my attention like Hygge the Danish Art of Happiness. Then I watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things which got me thinking a lot. Then I got an amazing planner for 2017 (I talked about on instagram) that helped me practice gratitude and most importantly, it made me design my life the way I want following a series of steps to guide me in the right direction. Mr. M was also much more available during those 2 months and we talked a lot about how we wanted our future to be.

Being in Canada showed us the difference in life’s pace with India and since we will probably go back to Canada in the near future it was eye opening for us. The fast pace, rat race kind of lifestyle that we witnessed in Canada was not something that we aspired to.  We wanted something different, especially now that we were a family of three.

Slow Living for beginners or breaking the habit of busy

We came up with the conclusion that we wanted to focus on the more essentials things. We wanted to simplify our lives to have time to appreciate it instead of going through it. We wanted to take the time to enjoy the simple things and fill our life with meaningful experiences instead of adding more stuff to the growing pile of stuff we already owned.

I have been craving for more time to read, take care of baby with a peace of mind (instead of always having a to do list in the back of my mind), take care of myself, etc.

It’s a shift for us, but one that we feel is right for our family because it resonates so deeply.

I believe it’s going to take time because we are still wired with a mindset of 24/7 productivity. But every good change takes time, especially one of this magnitude.

Starting on this journey will impact my lifestyle and of course also my blog. I will still be blogging but not on the scheduled fashion I was accustomed to. I am planning to be more active on Instagram and share my journey to slow living with you.

My main priority right now is to enjoy those precious moments with my little man because it goes so fast. At the end of the day, I know that I will cherish those moments for life. 

Let’s talk: Do you feel overwhelmed, tired or stressed sometimes? What do you do to cope with it?

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