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Mixing Menswear into your Wardrobe

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While there are some very feminine trends on the rise right now like ruffles and butterfly sleeves, there is an even more interesting take on women’s fashion that is hard not to love. It’s the notion of borrowing from the boys and mixing menswear into your wardrobe. To play into the androgyny, you don’t necessarily need to take clothing from your boyfriend’s closet, but you can definitely start experimenting with silhouettes that are a little more masculine.

Adding a dash of menswear-inspired clothing to your existing wardrobe will give it a whole new feel and open up many more doors for creative, chic outfits. Mixing and matching have long been important parts of fashion, and today I’m going to go through some of the menswear styles you can mix and match with the items you already have in your closet.

4 menswear inspired pieces you can mix into your wardrobe

1/ The Oxford Shirt

Mixing Menswear into your Wardrobe | @surface85

Women’s White Addle Shirt ACNE

Think of those Oxford shirts you always see men wearing at the office, especially the plain white button-downs. These types of shirts are increasingly popular with womenswear designers, and in larger, relaxed fits, they bring a very cool vibe to overly feminine clothing like skirts. You’ll see many ways on to layer and wear a button-up to add smartness and dimension to your look.

2/ The Blazer

Mixing Menswear into your Wardrobe | @surface85

Grey Herringbone Blazer ZARA

Keeping up with the professional look of button-downs, the blazer is another item often worn by men that becomes a totally different garment when a woman adds it to her wardrobe. It’s actually becoming commonplace to look at men’s sections to save money on certain clothing items, so it’s hard not to take Lyst’s advice and look at the Dolce & Gabbana tailored blazers here for an authentic, “boyfriend” polished piece to wear with heels and denim. Sometimes the cuts on men’s items give that perfect oversized fit that womenswear can never quite replicate.

3/ The Boyfriend Jeans

Mixing Menswear into your Wardrobe | @surface85

The ExBoyfriend Slim Jeans AG

Surely you’ve heard of these baggy denim pants by now! Skinny jeans are slowing down on popularity, and that’s why bringing in a trusty pair of distressed BF jeans is so stylish. They look carefree, but when you pair them ultra-femme details like a cropped top or sandals with heels , they instantly become less manly and more cool-girl.

4/ The Perfect Tailored Trouser

Mixing Menswear into your Wardrobe | @surface85

Women’s Blue Straight Tailored Trousers COS

Nothing screams menswear quite like a pair of tailored trousers. However, the versions created for women are much sleeker than you’d think. Not only are they designed in cigarette styles to flatter a woman’s slender legs, but you can also find pretty prints and colours if slate grey is too far past your comfort zone. In NY Times’ The Cut, you can find lots of women’s looks that were simply inspired by menswear but designed for women. Like I said earlier, it’s all about adopting the silhouettes.

The key to bringing menswear into your wardrobe is to remember balance. Though oversized clothing is paramount in borrowing from the boys, don’t get too carried away that you drown out all your curves with too-baggy clothing. It’s all about bringing the two looks together—not completely replacing one with the other.

How do you mix menswear into your wardrobe?

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