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First month into motherhood: My Birth Story

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Almost 2 months went by with our little angel, those past 7 weeks have totally changed my life as a woman. No matter how well I tried to be ready for delivery and baby’s arrival (I’ve read books, downloaded all the pregnancy apps, watched YouTube videos, took prenatal classes, etc.), nothing can really prepare you for this new adventure. So, from my birth story (not horror story) to the first 4 weeks, I share with you the rollercoaster of joy, deep love, but also pain and blues of the first month into motherhood.

First Month Into Motherhood: My Birth Story | @surface85

Our Birth Story: September 10th the first day of the rest of my life

It might sound super cheesy to say that the birthday of my baby boy Marcel is the first day of the rest of my life, but it’s actually exactly the way I feel. Labour and delivery are like a transitional phase into motherhood and it’s a journey in itself. It’s also an important step that will set the tone for the following weeks after birth.

Positive mindset for natural birth

I prepared myself for a natural birth. I read a lot about hypnobirthing techniques and practiced meditation, visualization, positive affirmations and breathing in order to have the best chance to deliver my baby without any medication.
The philosophy of hypnobirthing (or hypnobaby) helped me gain confidence in my ability to birth my child, but also reduce my anxiety and fears toward the whole birthing experience dramatically.
So, I entered this moment without fear and instead with excitement.

First Month Into Motherhood: My Birth Story | @surface85

From light cramps to a night of labor

Sept 8th: Light cramps

2 nights before baby was born I started to feel light cramps, like menstrual cramps. Since I didn’t feel any contractions yet I just went on with my daily routine the next day.

September 9th: water broke

The day before the birth my water broke in the afternoon without having any real contractions yet. This afternoon I calmly finished packing everything for the hospital, answered some emails for the blog, and waited for my Mr. M to come back from work.
I called my OBGYN in the evening to let her know that my water broke and she asked us to head to the hospital. Since my contractions were not strong enough and I was barely dilated, my option at this point was to be induced in order to speed up the process. Once your water breaks, the baby is not in a sterilized environment anymore, which can lead to infection.

A night of labor

All night I got stronger and closer contractions due to the inducing drugs. I spent the night focusing on my breathing and squatting. Yeah you read well! I squatted all night long. It was the only way to relax the pressure during a contraction!
I also was repeating some positive affirmations in order to keep a good mindset.
Mr. M was so helpful by just being his usual calm and patient self.

First Month Into Motherhood: My Birth Story | @surface85
First Month Into Motherhood: My Birth Story | @surface85

Emergency C-Section

September 10th: Tough Decision

It’s 7am and I’m only 2 cm dilated after a full night of labor. At this point, I’m pretty exhausted and can’t even imagine going all the way without any rest. So we decide to go for an epidural.  In the meantime, we started a Picotin injection in order to strengthen the contractions and give me a chance for natural labour. The epidural allowed me to rest and relax for about 2 hours, but then I started to feel violent contraction again on my right side. Actually, the epidural only worked on the left side of my body! Multiple doses didn’t really helped. I was held into the bed unable to relieve my pain in anyway.

By now it’s 12.30 pm, I’m only 2 cm dilated and can barely take the pain from the inducing drugs. I feel something is not right. I have the urge to push, but every time I do, it feels like a knife stabbing me in the back. I don’t like to give up and I’m a stubborn person so it was hard to admit that I needed to go for an emergency C-section. At this point, there weren’t so many options for me. We could try to go on with natural delivery by administering more inducing drugs and risking to put baby in distress or we could go for the C-section

First Month Into Motherhood: My Birth Story | @surface85
C-section and first moment with Marcel

We decided to go with the C-section. I was alone, scared, and exhausted. They didn’t allow Mr. M to be in the OR with me due to some apparent hospital audit that was going on that week. After 23 hours since my water broke the previous day, I could barely keep my eyes opened during the procedure.  I just “woke up” when I heard the sound of my baby! I turned my head and saw him for the first time. They brought him to my face for a minute and baby stopped crying.  He just glared into my eyes. I was too weak to even take him in my arms and was overwhelmed with emotions and love.
Once closed up, they took me to the recovery room where baby and Papa were waiting for me. It was the first moment we were together as a family of three.  I finally could take and feed my baby for the first time.

First Month Into Motherhood: My Birth Story | @surface85

This is not a horror birth story

The birth of my child didn’t go at all as I had planned. It actually went the exact opposite. I planned for a natural birth without epidural, with Mr. M by my side and baby’s first contact with me to be skin to skin for the first hour. Well nothing could have gone more differently. It happened that baby was in the wrong position (posterior) and had the umbilical cord around his neck.

Despite having a tough delivery, I don’t want to make it sound like a horror birth story for mums to be. When you get ready for delivery, you think positively so that you give yourself the best chance at having a smooth delivery. Sometimes it doesn’t  go as you have planned, but it’s okay. What matters the most is baby and mama’s health.

If I had to do it again, I would for the simple reason that it wasn’t an outcome that I could control. The birth of my baby was meant to be like that and I have already forgotten the pain. My only real regret was that Mr. M wasn’t here during the delivery and I couldn’t have some skin to skin time with my newborn.

The birth story is our first story as a family of three.  We were all involved during this incredible moment. I will always remember this intense experience as the beginning of a new life.

Would love to read about your birth story!

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