Celebrating Diwali ethically with Indelust

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It’s time to get festive this month with one of the most important Indian festivals of the year: Diwali.

As you know I’m French, but I’ve been living in India for the past 5 years and if you live in India you can’t miss a Diwali celebration. There are many festivals in India, but Diwali is by far the biggest. No matter their background or religion, every Indian celebrates Diwali and the country is all lit up by night with lighting and fireworks.

Celebrating Diwali Ethically with Indelust | @surface85

This year I would like to share a bit of the festival of lights spirit with you and invite you to learn about this tradition (if you’re not familiar with it) celebrated by millions of people in India and around the world.


Welcome your guest this Diwali with those beautiful trays by Other Kingdom and elegant handmade water carafe and glasses in copper by Rayden.

Celebrating Diwali Ethically with Indelust | @surface85

Making your home ready for the holiday season with a touch of minimal home decor: Water Carafe and Glasses in copper by Rayden | Tamara Copper Bowl by Vilaasita | Tamara Brass Bowl by Vilaasita | The Bell (candle tray) by HIIH | Hammertone Copper and Brass Trays by Other Kingdom

Diwali: The beginning of a new era

Diwali is a very spiritual Hindu ancient festival that is celebrated over 5 days every year around the end of October and first half of November. This festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Needless to say that it is one of the happiest festivals in India. As a foreigner, I see Diwali a bit like New Years mixed with Christmas. It feels like it’s a new beginning for people. They will clean their house, buy special gifts, light some firecrackers and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Celebrating Diwali Ethically with Indelust | @surface85

The Half Full Bottle from HIIH is inspired by a modern Japanese aesthetic and is handcrafted by skilled artisans of India.

Clean and Decorate your house

Before Diwali festivities officially begin, people clean and decorate their home and office. I particularly love this part because it feels like you’re starting fresh every year. It’s also a good time to get new home decor and renovate your house. Adding some minimal home decor accent can make a big difference in creating a welcoming house for your guests (and at that time you’re excepting a lot of them).

Making a statement with a unique vase or copper accent is enough to bring a modern touch to your interior.

Celebrating Diwali Ethically with Indelust | @surface85

Tamara Copper Bowl and Tamara Brass Bowl by Vilaasita can be use for Diwali decoration but also all year long as a fruit bowl, a bowl terrarium…

The art of sustainable gifting

No one can truly celebrate this Indian festival without going shopping! This is the biggest season in India for shopping. From saris to jewelry and even cars, a lot of purchases are made during this time. People buy for themselves, but also as GIFTS for others.

You can feel the shopping fever going on everywhere. The malls are full and special offers are available in all the stores. In India the art of gifting is very important and Diwali is just another opportunity to show that. You’ll get gifts and sweets from work, family, and friends. I personally can’t help being caught up in this shopping fever during Diwali!

Offering sustainable gifts made in India by local artisans embraces the true spirit of Diwali even more. 

Celebrating Diwali Ethically with Indelust | @surface85

Live the spirit of Diwali with this contemporary Hammertone Brass Tray by Other Kingdom especially crafted by Indian artisans.

Light the darkness

Diwali is not called the festival of lights for nothing. I had the chance to take a flight the night of Diwali and from above I could see all the lights and firecrackers burning everywhere in the city! During Diwali every corner of the house is lightened up with candles, lanterns, and diyas in order to expel darkness and favour prosperity. I started lighting candles and diyas in my home last year and loved it, but it’s truly impressive in the house of local people.

This year I found these copper and brass bowls as well as this elegant candle tray made ethically in India to decorate my home. I love the touch of copper and brass. It’s super chic and the floating candles are just one way to use these bowls.

Celebrating Diwali Ethically with Indelust | @surface85

You can also add some light to your home with this contemporary brass pendant lamp from Vilaasita, another ethical brand.

Celebrating Diwali Ethically with Indelust | @surface85

Celebrating Diwali or not, no one can deny that this festival is so inspiring in many ways. It celebrates happiness and peace and brings people together. It’s not only the festival of lights, but also of sight, sound and taste with amazing feasts, sweets, lovely decorated homes, firecrackers, rangoli, etc.

It has inspired me to be open to new traditions and beliefs and enjoy the best in every culture. Opening your mind to a different culture is opening your heart to embrace the differences and learn from them. 

I wish you a very Happy Diwali 2016 and may the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness illuminate your Life and your home.

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