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Breastfeeding in Style

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Breastfeeding is such a beautiful experience, but can also be a very challenging moment in the life of a new mama. Between pain, poor latch, engorgement, low milk supply, sore nipple etc… we can easily get discouraged to do something that should be so natural. One thing that we should not worry about is how to still wear stylish and comfortable outfits while breastfeeding. That’s why I wanted to share my breastfeeding fashion tips with you.

4 tips for Breastfeeding in Style 

Having a pretty extensive wardrobe, I never thought my outfit options would be limited because of breastfeeding. It just hit me once I started to nurse my baby.

All of a sudden, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to wear all the dresses I wore during pregnancy, or most of my tops and t-shirts. Since I still have some weight to lose, a lot of my pants are on stand-by too! So, it was time for me to be more creative with these 4 tips.

Wearing: Stripped Side Popper Nursing Top from Seraphine

1/ Create a Breastfeeding Capsule Wardrobe

We’ve all heard about capsule wardrobes. It’s a very cool way to stick to a certain amount of pieces for a time and get creative by mixing and matching. I think this concept is particularly appropriate for breastfeeding style. Most breastfeeding mamas will do so from a couple of months to a year, which is a pretty short time if you think about it. A breastfeeding capsule wardrobe can help us work around these essential pieces that are stylish and comfy and save us some bucks in the process.

How do I create a breastfeeding capsule wardrobe?

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    Look at your Wardrobe

    Take all the clothes from your closet that you like and would feel comfortable wearing while breastfeeding.

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    Go to the Essentials

    Select mostly essentials pieces that are in season. You will need to mix and match those pieces together very often so minimal is the easiest way to go.

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    Load up on Tops

    Make sure you have more tops than bottoms since you tend to change tops more often (especially with an infant).

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    Check for easy Boop Access

    Take the tops that allow easy access to your breasts like shirts, buttoned blouses, buttoned tunics, wrap tops, low v necks…

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    The Right Colour Palette

    Focus on a colour palette that works together. I would recommend going with neutral colours like black, white, grey, blue, beige, brown…

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    Spice it up with Prints

    Add easy to match prints like stripes, dots, checks.

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    Final Touch

    Don’t forget about outerwear like shoes and accessories to elevate your look.

By doing that, I realized that I really didn’t have that many tops suitable for breastfeeding. I have almost no v necks and most of my tops are not buttoned up. I needed to bring a couple of extra pieces in the mix in order to have enough options. This is when I got some nursing tops.

2/ Get Some Nursing Apparel

Like maternity wear, nursing apparel can be useful in a wardrobe. In my case, I really needed some cool tops to match my breastfeeding capsule wardrobe. I was looking for essential pieces with discreet openings that I could also wear without breastfeeding if I wanted.

I got this stripped side popper nursing top and this grey marled layered maternity and nursing sweater from Seraphine. On top of being extremely comfortable, they are so practical! The first time I breastfed publicly I wore my stripped side popper nursing top, which made it easier for me and also helped me go through my apprehension of nursing my baby in public.

Wearing: Grey Marled Layered Maternity and Nursing Sweater from Seraphine

Honestly, I’m so happy I have those tops in my wardrobe. I love the quality of the fabric (their tops are super soft). The cut is very flattering and is so practical with the discrete openings. 

I think it’s a clever investment to buy some nursing apparel especially if you can wear them during pregnancy like some of the products from Seraphine.
Nursing apparel also makes our life easier and when you have a baby, you’d take anything that can make your daily life more comfortable!

3/ Don’t forget your Nursing shawl

In a perfect world, we would open our shirt and feed our baby without getting strange looks from people or having perverts staring at us because after all we are just feeding our baby. I refuse to hide in public toilets to feed my baby, but I won’t make a show of myself either. So, it was essential for me to get something that would give me a bit of privacy without looking like I’m wearing an apron!

This amazing nursing shawl from Seraphine (you don’t change a combo that works) is just a life saver!

First it’s very chic, soft and light (which pleases both mama and baby). You can wear it 6 stylish ways like a poncho, a scarf, a wrap… It’s very easy to mix and match with your outfit and is just perfect to breastfeed baby elegantly in public.

I would definitely recommend breastfeeding mamas to get a nursing shawl for their outings.

Wearing: Winter Grey Nursing Shawl from Seraphine

4/ The Cami tip

So we selected pieces from our wardrobe that are breastfeeding friendly, we got extra nursing apparel and a nursing shawl, but what about all those t-shirts and tops we have that we would love to wear again? Well I have a tip that might help you wear your favourite tees without being half naked in public.

Get cotton blended with spandex camis (for the stretch) and wear them under any top you can’t open from the front. By doing so, when you pull up your tees to breastfeed you are not showing your bare belly. You just pull down the cami and open your breastfeeding bras discretely. I have a couple of those camis from Forever 21. They cost less than $2 and come in 34 colours! I find it a very cost effective way to keep wearing my tees, sweaters and tops without spending a lot on special nursing camis or tank tops.

This is how I managed to breastfeed in style so far when I go out. Don’t get me started about breastfeeding at home because there are no rules for that #freethenipples 🙂
For breastfeeding mamas out there, do you have tips to share with us?

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