Bombay Perfumery: Luxury Essence Made In India

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If there is one country in the world that will take you away with its scents, it has to be India. From a range of spices that always float in the air, to tea and coffee aromas, Jasmin flowers on ladies hair, the scent of the ocean, street food, delicious exotic fruits, incense burning… India is a country that will awake your five senses and in particular, your sense of smell. 

As you might know by now, living in India has offered me the opportunity to discover so many talented people in different fields like fashion, deco… that create premium products and very often they do it sustainably. So when Bombay Perfumery approached me to test their latest creation, I couldn’t resist. For me it’s the perfect alliance of the raw essence of India and the delicateness of a high quality perfume.

Contemporary Fragrance Made in India

What drew me to Bombay perfumery is their approach to fragrance. They are not afraid to experiment and come up with unique scents with an Indian twist. Think Tuberose notes from Coimbatore blending with Tunisian Neroli, or Black Pepper from Cochin with Haitian Vetiver.
Founded by Manan Gandhi in 2016, this young fragrance house has been working with some of the best international noses (like Jacques Chabert and Alexandra Carlin) to conceptualize a collection of very interesting fragrances that became the olfactory signature of the brand.

For me wearing a different and unique perfume is a total luxury. I grew tired of those international scents that everyone was wearing. They lack personality. Few of them really last on the market, while most just fade with time. Bombay perfumery is quite the opposite. It’s fresh, modern, and has a timeless quality. Because it combines classical notes like vetiver, patchouli with more unusual scents like ginger oil, an olfactory explosion is guaranteed!

Bombay Summer: #RemindsMeofSummer

I personally chose the fragrance Moiré and Seven Islands based on their top heart and base note that I found ideal for summertime. 

“Bombay Perfumery is the perfect alliance of the raw essence of India and the delicateness of a high quality perfume”

Summer Days in Moiré

Moiré is a very feminine fragrance thanks to neroli and jasmine tambac. It’s also fresh and light with a touch of apricot and cassis bud. I particularly love the base note that leaves a sensual touch on the skin.
At first you notice the floral scents but with time you are left with a complex fragrance, a little woody and a hint of leather.

I think it’s an ideal fragrance for summer but also for a date because it has these mysterious layers and a nice sensuality to it.

Summer Nights in Seven Islands

Seven Islands is very contemporary. At first you get this fruity scent with grapefruit and orange blossom. Then pops up the masculine side of the fragrance with tonka bean, oak moss and cedar wood. I find it very unisex. That’s why you would want to wear it in the evening or even during a cooler season. I love the mix between the sweetness of the fruits with the strength of the wood and bean.

If Moiré has a flirty personality, Seven Islands is all about warmth. 

Overall these 2 fragrances will definitely remind me of what is probably going to be my last summer in India. I’m glad and grateful that I will take with me all those olfactory memories from my past 6 years in India, as well as the fragrances Moiré and Seven Islands to remind me of India for a long time.

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