Belly Bandit Bamboo Wrap Review

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Today I want to share with you a product that totally changed my post-pregnancy body: The Belly Bandit Bamboo Wrap.

I ordered this product after reading good reviews about it, but I wasn’t expecting amazing results. I thought it would be a great support for my back to help my posture and it would have been a big bonus if it could tighten up my post- pregnancy belly a bit too.

So I started to use the Belly Bandit with a bit of skepticism.

Belly Bandit Bamboo Wrap Pros & Cons

As is often the case in life, when you expect nothing, the opposite usually happens. Here are my pros and cons for the Belly Bandit Bamboo Wrap:

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    Great back support

    After hours of labour, my back felt like a marshmallow for a couple of weeks. It was the weirdest feeling ever.  It was like I had no strength to support my torso. The wrap helped a great deal with the additional support I needed.

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    Easy to wear

    It’s very easy to put on and take-off.

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    Confidence boost

    I never realized that most of my tops were form fitting before looking for clothes for my post-pregnancy body. I didn’t feel confident enough to wear them without the belly bandit. The belly bandit made me feel better about myself during those few weeks when all you can see is a saggy bag instead of a waist.

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    Real result: -17cm

    I lost 17 cm in my waist in the 2 first months just wearing the band and without dieting or exercising (if you don’t count the exercise involved in taking care of a newborn).

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    A little bit bulky

    It’s a great product for the first few months of post pregnancy when you stay home most of the time. However I found it a bit bulky under tight clothes. So I would recommend it more for home and casual wear outfits.

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    Makes you sweat

    I live in India so it’s already very hot. Adding a band didn’t help with the heat 🙂

Overall I highly recommend this product because it works! I believe 100% that I lost those 17 cm in such a short time because of the wrap!

Now I’m looking for another waist trainer to achieve that nice S shape because this one is actually too big. Do you have any recommendations?

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