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4 Essential Tips to Create a Modern Thanksgiving Decor

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We’re officially starting the holiday season this month with Thanksgiving (US). This year I was inspired to create a Thanksgiving atmosphere in my home in collaboration with Indelust. Even though Thanksgiving is a very traditional holiday, you can take an easy modern twist on decor with these 4 essential tips.

Do Modern Thanksgiving Decor the Easy Way

Thanksgiving inspired table decoration with minimal Polka Dot Placemats, Polka Dot Napkins by Safomasi x Indelust, lovely scented candles by Tender Loving Nose, Test Tube Vase Holder from Lohasmith.

1/ Go soft and natural 

The traditional Thanksgiving decor colour palette is inspired by fall, one with shades of brown, orange and dark red like a beautiful autumn forest. To create a modern Thanksgiving table, go soft and natural with shades of white, beige, grey, gold and some touch of green from natural plants and herbs.

Get creative with your table linen

Table linen is a very important part of your Thanksgiving table decor. Choose some with soft prints like this polka dot place mat and napkin in cotton linen from sustainable brand Safomasi. This exclusive table linen collection from Safomasi X Indelust is handmade and hand printed for a unique design. This ivory colour matches easily with any tableware and center table decor making it the perfect accessory.

Pick something from the garden

You can say, ‘from the garden to the table’ not only for your Thanksgiving dinner, but also for your decor. Turn nature into a simple table decor with pumpkins, pine, leaves, herbs like thyme, fruits like pears, spices like cinnamon sticks, star anis… It’s quite rustic, but perfect to elevate a minimal and modern table decor.

DIY TIP: Paint your pumpkin in white, beige, gold to keep the minimal modern theme going.

It’s dessert time with this healthy carrot cake and tea! Marble platter by Other Kingdom and Kitchen Towels by Safomasi x Indelust.

2/ Update your Tableware 

When beautiful materials like marble, copper, brass, and wood are used to create tableware, it’s simply so chic and exactly what we need to create a modern thanksgiving decor.

Rich Marble

You don’t need to buy a new dining-wear set to have a modern table decor. Simply upgrading with some pieces like this beautiful pink marble cirque platter from Other Kingdom can be enough to give an elegant touch. I particularly love this platter since it’s very versatile. You can use it as a cheese platter, cake platter, etc.

Beautiful copper and brass

Copper and brass are really on trend right now in home decor and we understand why! Pieces in copper or brass always look so elegant, like this water carafe and cups in copper handmade by Rayden or those beautiful copper and brass trays by Other Kingdom. Those are all very nice accessories for your Thanksgiving dinner.

DIY TIP: Make your table special by using a wood log as a plate charger or platter.

3/ Get all cozy

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and enjoying good food together. What better way to receive your guests than creating a very cozy and modern ambiance during those chilly days.

The Gramercy throw is hand woven in silk and wool then hand embroidered in gold rayon yarn by women artisans in Kashmir using the chain stitch embroidery technique.

Cushions and throw is the right combo

When I think cozy, I directly think pillows and throw (and a good cup of tea with some biscuits). Since your guests will surely spend a lot of time in the living room, create a comfy and homely area with soft and warm wool cushions covered delicately with hand embroidery by women from Kashmir. The soft pastel colours are very welcoming. A throw or two are also a must, especially during winter. This one from designer Leah Singh is in wool and silk.  The softness and comfort it brings can’t truly be expressed in words.  You really need to feel it to appreciate the quality.

The Henry Stripe Cushion Covers, the Henry Triangle Cushion Cover, the Marion Peach Cushion Cover, the Marion Charcoal Cushion Cover and the Gramercy throw are all hand embroidered by women artisans in Kashmir in India. Designer Leah Singh works directly with artisans in villages across India using embroidery, weaving, and printing techniques that are native to the region.

4/ The final touches

Don’t forget the final touches that will not only bring your Thanksgiving decor to the next level but also create a modern ambiance. Scented candles are a perfect example. Those handmade candles from Tender Loving Nose uplift all your senses! I particularly love the inviting Mystic Rose Oud scent, which is a woody infusion of Moroccan rose and exquisite agar wood.

Those candles really bring the whole Thanksgiving experience together!

A beautiful vase in your centerpiece is definitely a showpiece and conversation starter. This antique brass test tube vase from Lohasmith is the perfect final touch to create a modern Thanksgiving decor. It’s unique and can be laid out however you desire.

Other final touch ideas: an opulent centerpiece bowl, a geometric candleholder, an elegant wine and bar rack…

Tender Loving Nose Candles are so elegant! They make the perfect gift for the Holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving to yours.

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